Friday, 8 August 2008

Yozzz....Big Big day that i wait for so long finally comeee~~
My birthday....
Beijing 2008 Olympic opening....
080808...every 1 thousand yr only have 1 day...
5 Aug 2008
A birthday party held by all my colleagues. We had dinner at Pizza Hut , i forgot i take group picture coz im too excited and happy ddd =)))

Yvonne and meee. She one of my colleague and yet a best one among others...her bday fall on 5 Aug, so ya both of us celebrate together as cost...hahaha but im happy with it as least when all sing bday song im nt that shy coz got teman wat...Lolz

Birthday card from all my colleagues...=D

These were the present they bought to me...*sweettt*

7 Aug 2008 - Birthday Eve =X

Went to work as usual. Just don't know wat happened to me that's totally a mix feeling. On that day, alan asked me what item i want..*aiya i tot that he will give me lil suprise instead of asking me what item i craving..So i told him, i don't need anything la , save money la blah blah blah...*actually alot item i want 1 lo* ya, i emo whole day on him..

9.30pm after class, he come and fetch me , as usual we went to pudu a fav stall which we like to spend supper, there selling alot fav food i like to eat such as malay kuih, yao zha kuai, mi hun and nasi lemak =D i emo from supper till home.

After i bath...i very suprise coz i see 2 present on my table. LOLz it's present he bought for me =)) He told me the present actually was hide on the car compartment and he got give me some hint to find it out but i miss it...but i don't care la as long as the present was for mee ^^

Crystal Bright *love thisss alott*

Biotherm skincare set - some ppl wondering, how alan know shirley need what kind of skincare? I was aiming 2 skincare product from biotherm, a serum and a sunblock cream. The week before my bday, we went shopping at klcc isetan and we stop at biotherm counter to get information about the product, that's why he know what skin item i want...

Honestly, he really treating me well in this few year...never made me dissapointed and always think on my side, trying to bring all the best thing to me. Sometimes i feel regret on what i did such in cari gaduh with him and do things that he unlike...i know im nt a good gf but i trying to improve...

08/08/08 - Friday

Friday after work, had bak gut teh dinner with family at Jln Peel. After we went back home to change and wait for zon to reached my house. We later had a dinner at Look out point with zick, joyee, worm, hel, chris, and garry.

I tot she will bake me a cake, but nvm la i so good sure i accept it and she know i like blueberry ...duo jie sai =DD

From Zonnnn~ thanksss

From Yh and zonnieeeee ...thanks again~

From zonnniee ( again) and fernnn ...thanks alot la*touch*..and i love 3 of them , really match and nice...

09/08/08 - Saturday
I went cheong k with my colleagues. It's fun and enjoy it having a good time with them.Yvonne, phang, tia and may. After, we went shopping at Ts and Sg wang.

Eh, where alan? Actually that day alan got smm tournament at T-bun wangsa maju. I can't follow coz already date with my colleague. Will follow them the next day if they get into top 8 =D

10/08/08 - Sunday

Yeah, they make it to top 8 , semi and final stage. 1st runner up in Smm selangor state at t-bun. The line up got alan, narab, meng, jerry and leong. Congrat congrat =D

Leaving wangsa maju and head to midvalley to meet with kaban, yekwan, yan hoong and others. It's suprising to see kok hong there. We long time never meet and he not much change still like the old times, funny and make joke of me LoL. Dinnet at chilis and have lotsa fun chit chat with them. thanks and love u all ~

Another perfume that appear long time at my craving list..haha...they ask me what i want, so i told them i wan * DKNY APPLE* thanks la =DD Muackssss

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