Monday, 14 July 2008

Wow, im back !!
It's been 4 month i didn't update my blog. Load of things happened during this 4 month. First of all was 1 of my lovely ji mui Aya get married !! A million congrat to tell her and wish her found her love hubby that will protect and love her for the rest of her life =)))
Second things was, i started my study on ACCA which will be a long journey for me. I took a long time to considered about this matter. Finally i made up my mind and i wish to get a higher achievement in this field. From all the feedback and comment i read, ACCA is the second hardest test in world, i know it's a hard test but there's a fate that no pain no gain right? and who can predict what happened the next second? so let's just look forward and wish for a better tomorrow~~hehehe Took this at 1U. =D

Within this 4 month , i dye my hair for twice, an light orangie and a dark brown . My hair damaged like hell~

I love the hair colour now and i think this the colour much better than the previous one =))

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